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L’irlanda nel mio cuore. (presso The Giant’s Causeway)


I always feel this pressure of being a strong and independent icon of womanhood, and without making it look my whole life is revolving around some guy. But loving someone, and being loved means so much to me. We always make fun of it and stuff. But isn’t everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?

-celine, before sunrise


Before sunrise, 1995

"Every day I discover
more and more
beautiful things.
It’s enough to drive one mad.
I have such a desire
to do everything,
my head is bursting with it."

- Claude Monet (via mindfullydreaming)


Dolce and Gabbana Fall Winter 2013

RJ King & Lindsey Wixson

☾✞♡Enter my world of vintage/grunge♡✞☽

Poems read by Tom Hiddleston. [listen]

may i feel said he - e.e cummings | He wishes for the cloths of heaven - w.b yeats | as i walked out one evening - auden | from the princess - alfred lord tennyson | sonnet 18 - william shakespeare | love and friendship - emily bronte | bright star - john keats | she walks in beauty - lord byron | dover beach - matthew arnold | there is a lady sweet and kind - anonymous | if music be the food of love - william shakespeare | when you are old - w.b. yeats | us two - a.a. milne | sigh no more - william shakespeare | down by the sally gardens - w.b. yeats | desiderata - max ehrmann | we’ll go no more a roving - lord byron | to his coy mistress - andrew marvell | sonnet 130 - william shakespeare |